About the Solo Spoon

Cooking for yourself shouldn’t mean leftovers every night of the week! Welcome to Solo Spoon where we share delicious recipes created for individuals that are cooking for one! Do you need a recipe that is scaled to a single-serving? Or do you want to create delicious small-batch recipes just for yourself that you can enjoy with less waste? 

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for:

  • Variety in your meals with fewer leftovers, and less food waste!
  • Single-serve recipes for the solo meal eater (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks – we have you covered!)
  • Small batch recipes for those times you can’t scale a recipe down to one serving but a small about of leftovers is perfect for that week
  • Resources on the best kitchen tools and appliances that save you time, money, and sanity
  • Meal Plans with recipes that focus on overlapping ingredients to give you more flavors with the same ingredients
  • All of the Above!
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We are here to help you with All things Cooking for One!

It’s a challenging job to cook a variety of tasty meals for just one person, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at the Solo Spoon, we want to help you become a successful home chef by giving you the knowledge and skills you need to create simple, nutritious meals using our recipes and tips.

Our Food Philosophy

Our food philosophy is simple – all foods fit! We believe in eating food that is tasty, and enjoyable, without rules, restrictions, and deprivation. Many of our recipes include whole foods in a balanced way so that all foods can have a time and place in your diet. 

We don’t follow any sort of specific diet plan because we believe that looking forward to every meal means you are more likely to eat what you’ve prepared and have fun with it.

Our Cooking Approach

We like to use whole foods, fresh ingredients, and convenience foods when possible to keep our recipes and cooking methods healthy-ish, simple, and approachable for even the beginner cook. If a meal is too labor intensive, chances are you’d rather hit the drive-through than make a meal at home so our focus is to keep our recipes delicious but also easy to execute.

Single Serving Definition 

A lot of our recipes are scaled and designed for just one serving! That means no leftovers and more variety in your meals! A single serving will vary from person to person so our recipes are a general suggestion of what we find to be a single serving.

Since all bodies are different you might need more or less food based on your own diet and health goals. Our recipes are easily scalable if you need to make your serving bigger or smaller.

Small Batch Definition

Some meals are just easier to batch prep and not worth scaling down to a single serving. We have created several scaled small-batch recipes and meal prep recipes if your cooking approach involves preparing more food at once. This strategy involves cooking once and eating all week by building your freezer stash or having a few leftovers in your meal plan.

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About the Author

Hello! I’m Monica, a foodie, and lazy home cook. I started the Solo Spoon as a cooking for one resource. Pinterest is full of amazing recipes but when you try to prepare them as a solo chef its daunting to find recipes that feed 12+ people and have weeks and weeks of boring leftovers.

That’s why I created The Solo Spoon to make your meal planning and recipe hunt much easier when you just want to eat! The Solo Spoon is designed to help the solo cook to plan and prepare single serving and small batch meals catered to those who are cooking for one. No more scaling recipes, or having to do math before dinner. We have you covered!

I’m glad you are here! Thanks for dropping by, enjoy!

Do you have any recipes you’d like to share or see?

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